If you are investing your time and capital in a business then you are definitely doing it for a reason. Your office is not a party place where employees come to have fun. You definitely want your employees to work hard to maximize revenue for you. But when you see them using their BlackBerry you cannot tell whether they are using it for serious business related work or just to socialize with their friends. You definitely need BlackBerry Monitoring software to find out the truth about your employees.

Blackberry Monitoring

Blackberry Monitoring

What Blackberry Monitoring Software Is Capable Of?

BlackBerry monitoring software efficiently keeps a track of all the activities of your employees. When we talk about BlackBerry we know that the most important feature to be tracked is BBM chats. StealthGenie is definitely a very strong monitoring software because it helps you track not only BBM chats but all other activities including their location tracking and even phone recordings.

Features Of StealthGenie:

Here is a list of all the features that you can track using StealthGenie:

  • View call logs
  • Spy on BBM Chats
  • View complete web history
  • Track their location
  • Bug their phone
  • Remotely control their phone
  • View Calendar activities
  • View Multimedia files


Before buying mobile monitoring software you need to make sure that the Operating System of the target StealthGenie is compatible with the BlackBerry Operating System of your employee’s phone. StealthGenie works smoothly with all the BlackBerry OS versions up to 7.0. This means you can easily use StealthGenie to monitor your employees using almost any version of BlackBerry.

Enjoy Spying On Employees Anonymously And Stay Care Free:

So tackling your employees will not be an issue anymore. You can carry on with your busy routine and still keep a check on your employees with the help of StealthGenie. You don’t even need to worry about being caught while spying on them as StealthGenie never reveals itself on target phone once it is successfully installed. It continues to work silently and keeps tracking all the user’s activities without letting the user know. It never interferes with any application of the target phone and doesn’t affect the performance of the phone in any way. You can now stay care free and easily enhance employee efficiency by using this BlackBerry Monitoring software to track your employees.