It’s fair to say that most people today would struggle without modern technology – without our mobile phones, laptops, even GPS, life suddenly seems very difficult. It stands to reason that you should take good care of your laptop, which, aside from providing an immersive entertainment experience, also facilitates professional and personal contact with the people in your life. Samsung laptops, along with countless other brands, are filled with huge amounts of personal data that need protecting, not to mention the high value of the actual product.


When was the last time you cleaned your laptop? Or backed up the data on your mobile phone? It can be all too easy to become complacent, but with our laptops in particular serving as multifunction devices, it is therefore more important than ever that you take appropriate measures to ensure that your property (both physical and intellectual) is as safe as possible. Here are 5 of the best ways to take care of your laptop:

1. Keep it Clean - this one’s a no-brainer, but it’s an often overlooked part of laptop ownership. Take a look down at your keyboard. What do you see? If you see crumbs, smudges, a few too many fingerprints and even possibly some pet hair (cats just love a warm laptop!), it’s time to clean up. Grab a microfibre cloth, give the screen and surfaces a wipe down, and invest in a miniature USB desk vacuum or a can of compressed air to keep dust and crumbs out of the keyboard.

2. Anti-Virus Software - again, you’d think this would be self-explanatory. It’s not. So many people leave their laptops unprotected and freely download and browse the internet. Don’t do that – it’s a great way to invite malware and other damaging viruses into your personal space. There are loads of great, free anti-virus software programs out, so make sure you install one before doing anything else.

3. Wrap it Up - if you just throw your expensive Samsung laptop in your bag when you need to take it somewhere, it’s about time you stopped. You can buy a great quality transport case for next to nothing, which will save it from scratches, and a potentially heartbreaking breakage.

4. Play Keep Away - don’t bring drinks near your laptop. Just don’t. You’ll thank me later, when you’re not pouring tea out of your keyboard.

5. Powering Up - try to minimise battery use. Lithium batteries are fantastic, but they’re not designed for the long haul, and will wear out eventually. Protect it by trying to keep it cool, and try to disconnect it if you spend large amounts of time working off of AC power.