Microsoft has been making diligent efforts to launch the Office applications on the IOS platform which can happen any time soon. But since, the decision regarding this has not been made, so users have to depend on the other alternatives. There are an ample of apps which act as a super alternative for Microsoft PowerPoint in iPads. The apps available within the iPad are extremely easy for the user to operate and thus they act as a perfect alternative for the Microsoft PowerPoint, therefore the user never feels the need of PowerPoint for his work. Some of those apps are:

Best 4 Timeline Makers-

1. Slide Shark

Slide Shark tops our list with the number 1 spot. There are an ample of reasons why we kept this app among the premium spot in put rankings. It has a very easy and user friendly interface which makes it easy for the user to make presentations and execute them with the help of this app. The slide option which enables the user to navigate through the slides is something to look out for in this app. The auto play feature is also embedded in this app and it makes the user work easier.

2. Xavier Presentations for ipad

This famous presentation app was launched long time back, in December 2011. This app is designed to make user the Boss of the meeting. It is very useful for the person who wants to share the same presentation with the subordinates; in that case he can just send that presentation to the other iPads used by the subordinates upon one click. The presentations can also be invited easily from the other devices.

3. Keynote

This app is quite popular among the users of iPad. The easy and simple interface offered by this app enables the user to stick on this app. The best tools provided in this app are creating, editing and color filling. All these functions are quite easy in this app. Normally, the other apps support the import of presentations but hold back in terms of exporting, but this app does it in the best way. The presentation which is exported using this app is stored in a pdf format. This app is extremely expensive as compared to the other available apps in the istore but the features of this app justify its value.

4. Power Presenter

This is the most reasonable and low priced presentation app available in the Ipad. The affordability is the USP of this app. Though, it’s inexpensive but the developers have not compromised with the features that are embedded in this popular app. This app provides the user a chance to draw on white screen. This app works well in terms of displaying presentations, HTML files, pdf files and also the Word documents. This ability makes PowerPoint presenter the most versatile app of this era.


Author Bio – Kuldeep is a freelance writer who recommends you to checkout PowerPoint Backgrounds where you can find attractive PowerPoint templates.