After the internet revolution, the tool that emerged out to woo the internet users was the video conferencing and chatting. Once, yahoo used to rule the chat world with over 40 percent of internet users linked to it. These days a lot of other chat rooms have emerged in the I-world. Chat rooms provide for users to chat with strangers, communicate with them about respective interests and make friends. A chat room provides a brilliant platform for people from different countries to come together at the same ground and chat, without distinguishing in caste, creed or race. Of many chat rooms available in the market today, we have out picked the top 5 anonymous chat rooms to chat with strangers, here we go;

Top 5 Anonymous Chatrooms to chat with Strangers-

1. Omegle


Omegle is a great platform to meet people from around the globe and converse with them. Once the user enters a chat room, he’s provided with invites from other users. Though, the user is free to leave the chat room anytime and has a sole right to choose the person he wants to talk to. No original personal details are mandatory while entering the chat room, but users can share their original details if they want to.

2. Chat for Free


This chat room ranks the second in our list. It has several chat rooms for users according to their interests like sports, entertainment, music, etc so the user can choose the counterparts he wants to chat based on their interests. The good feature about it is that the user can leave the chat room anytime on his wish and switch the chat room based on his mood.

3. IWebcam


This chat room allows user to chat in public for free, but he has to pay for the private chat. Though this chat room has the best of the reviews, but having to pay for private chat works on its downside. It also features a lot of chat rooms to choose from, also you can create your own chat room and invite people to the chat room.

4. Chat roulette


Ranking fourth in our list, this chat room provides full discretion to the user about his identity. It’s free and no registration is required, so it makes the chat room user friendly and easy to use. You can invite people and talk to them until they leave the chat room. You can create your own chat room, invite someone, ignore someone on your wish. It’s a good platform to meet people on a global scale. The USP for this chat room remains with its “NO REGISTRATION” policy.

5. Meebo


Last on the list is You can chat with anyone after they have accepted your invitation. Users can easily share files among each other. There are several chat rooms to choose from based on user’s interests. The USP of this chat room is that it allows user the opportunity to include the chat room in his own website.

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