Smart Art is a very interesting tool of Power point. It comes of a great use for people who want to create a series of events in a power point slide, or a timeline for the historical happenings. Smart Art helps the user to customize the whole timeline according to his own requirements. This automates the process of the timeline creation to a great extent and at the same time, it adds to the beauty of the timeline.


Smart Art is a very creative tool present in the Power point which manages the graphical representations in a timeline with ease and good efficiency. It makes a timeline look very attractive and catchy, thus inviting more eyes and it works quite well in the favor of the user creating a timeline using Smart Art. Here are some steps on how to create a timeline using Smart Art in PowerPoint 2010:


  • The first step in the creation of a timeline using smart Art requires the user to click on the insert tab; once the options are available the user must choose the option Smart Art and then select the timeline design in Power Point. For an easy illustration, we will take an example of a basic timeline so it becomes easier for the user to understand each and every step without any hassle.


  • The second step in the process requires the user to click on the OK button present at the lower end of the Window. Followed by this, the user must enter the elements of the timeline after clicking OK.



  • In the case where the user tends to match the color effects of the slide like shown in the illustrated picture above, then the user will necessarily need to go to the design tab available in the power point ribbon.



  • This enables the user to pick and choose between different colors available on board and apply them on the timeline under process. This adds more charm to the timeline. The user can also edit or change the colors that are already used in the timeline by just clicking on “Change Colors”. This facilitates the selection of apt colors for the user to fit perfectly the timeline he creates. The shape effects are also a fundamental part of timeline creation using smart art. Thus, the user can also choose between the different shape effects available on board like shadow, inserting border to name a few.


  • Thus, a timeline is created using the powerful tool available in the power point, Smart Art. This feature has revolutionized the way timelines are created. This feature is abundantly used by the business entities for the creation of projects and timelines. The experience of a timeline created using Smart Art is quite explicit and different. It sets some colorful high standards for the creation of timelines. Thus, a user must prefer to use this powerful tool to create timelines in order to make them look incredibly good and attractive.


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