Windows Phone 8 has been launched by Microsoft. After a long time of speculation regarding Windows Phone 8, including some leaked screenshots and videos. Many people, including the Windows Phone users speculated that their phones would be upgradeable to Windows Phone 8. But Microsoft put an end to all the speculation by formally announcing that existing phones won’t get an upgrade to Windows Phone 8, but rather to Windows Phone 7.8, as a sort of compensation for trying out Windows Phone.

Soon after the launch, Nokia and HTC, the two giants who used to release Windows Phone, launched Lumia 920 and 8X respectively. Both had Windows Phone 8, one had the durability of Nokia, while the other promised creativity. It was a sort of the clash of the titans because both were top phones from giants, and it turned out to be an exciting contest.

Nokia Lumia 920 VS HTC 8X

Nokia Lumia 920 VS HTC 8X

Build, Design and Construction

Lumia 920 has the same polycarbonate uni-body design from the 800 (which borrowed it from the Meego-powered N9). It’s a bit thicker and slightly bulky for those who have S3, or the Nexus devices. But it doesn’t matter much once when you get used to it.
Its uni-body means that its battery is non-removable which may disappoint many people.

HTC 8X also has a unique design too. Its lower part is removable which reveals slots. HTC 8X has a 4.3 inch screen compared to 4.5 inch screen of 920, which makes holding, using and carrying 8X easily. Both have the Gorilla Glass 2 screen protection making the phones scratch-resistant from even the harshest treatment.


Lumia 920 has 8.7 megapixel Pure-view camera that has been advertised by the company as one of the best in the vast market of smart-phones. Pure-view technology had been previously been displayed in Pure-view 808. It can click pictures of the greatest quality even in low light. This was the most innovative feature of Lumia 920 which had beaten many high end smartphones.

The 8X has 8 mega-pixel camera with auto-focus and LED-flash. Many users feel that due to the position of the camera of its phone, it sometimes give pictures that even beat that of Nokia Lumia 920.


Windows Phone was notoriously famous because of the absence of the memory card slot. Windows Phone 8 has arrived and the two leaders of the devices still lack it (though it is present currently in all other phones.)

Nokia Lumia 920 features 32 internal memory card with only 16 GB available to the HTC 8X.



Both the devices are high-end so it’s a must that they have something exclusive. Nokia has been very innovative with the device maximum in terms of camera and touch. It had introduced Pureview technology and Puremotion HD+ which was not present in any phone released lately. The Optical image stabilization was also perfect and Curved Gorilla glassed technology was owned by none but the Lumia 920. In terms of applications Nokia works very hard providing update every now and then and all of its applications are quite precious.

If we look in HTC 8X this device has been powered with Beats Audio which makes it perfect for audio lovers. Also it has got a new feature which has been given to front face camera that is wide angle capture. In terms of apps it’s quite low in comparison to Nokia and also less innovative features. But yes the device is quite slim and light.


According to our comparison Lumia 920 wins the case in terms of innovative technology and Camera while in terms of dimension and sound HTC 8X is the winner. But this makes sure that Lumia 920 is a must buy as it has the most potential features that would drag customers more than the HTC 8x.

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