As with absolutely any electronic appliance, the laptop will end up losing its performance overtime. The process is gradual and has multiple causes. Although you may not observe any obvious changes right now, you can definitely tell the difference between today and its first days. Whether it overheats, gets infected with various viruses or has memory problems, such issues will most likely affect your experience. Fortunately, you do not need any major investments to fix such issues. There are simple tips and tricks out there to enhance your laptop’s performance.


Ensure proper ventilation

Despite its name, the lap is not the most appropriate place to hold your laptop. Most people purchase laptops just because they can keep them on their laps or in bed. However, the ventilation is essential. Anything that is soft will overheat the gadget. A hard surface is more appropriate, while a cooler table is essential. Such accessories are very cheap and will ensure a proper performance. Other than that, clean the air vents on a regular basis. If you have never done it, they are probably full of dust and grime.


Defragment the hard drives

A fragmented disk has related information spread all around the hard disk. Connecting the information will overload the computer. The performance and speed are obviously affected by this problem. A disk defragmenter program will get everything in one place. The program is usually implemented in most operating systems. Windows users can find the tool under the accessories folder in the programs menu. The process may take minutes or hours, depending on how messed up your disk is. Leave it as is and avoid performing any operations meanwhile. Such procedures should be taken on a monthly basis.


Update the drivers

Most laptops come with the latest drivers for their times. However, these drives update every once in a while. At the same time, the latest programs, games or applications may require updated drivers. If you fail to take care of this aspect, the processes become overwhelming and may stuck your computer. Identify the video card type and look on the official website for updates. The new drivers will bring in a faster speed.


Disinfect the disk

Viruses or other malicious scripts may target any operating systems, but especially Windows. It makes no difference how careful you are. A memory stick or an e-mail attachment from a friend may contain contaminated files. Some antiviruses are available for free, so you do not necessarily have to invest. Run a scan on a weekly basis and eliminate the problematic files.


Disable themes and animations

Themes and various visual effects can definitely be appealing, but they will also slow down your laptop. After all, you can use it without those special effects too. Try to eliminate all the unnecessary requirements that can slow down your unit by deactivating them.



Improving a laptop does not ask for any investments. Of course, you can always purchase more RAM memory, a more advanced video card or a larger hard drive, but improving its performance can be done in other ways too. As long as you take care of it accordingly, it should not lose its performance with time.


Guest Post by Bill Nixon who is a tech and gadgets enthusiast. He works for, if you are wondering where to sell old laptop please visit the web site.