Wikipedia – I am sure this is a very well known name for you especially if you are a regular internet user. Whenever anyone including me feels like having information on a topic then the first option that comes to our minds is Wikipedia – the most used and trusted encyclopedia in the world for online users. But a query can rise to your mind even the time you are not connected to internet and that time what would you do to look for your needed information in Wikipedia?

wikipedia like a boss

Well the surprising thing is that you can now download full Wikipedia articles for offline use as well and can access then anytime, anywhere and without having internet connection. Actually Wikipedia offers free Wikipedia articles database dumps or files which can be used by users with a Wikipedia reader.

Here I am presenting a complete step by step guide to download Wikipedia in easiest manner ever.

Step 1.) Downloading & Installing the Wikipedia Reader Kiwix

Kiwix is a free Wikipedia reader which is to be used for reading the content on the web even in offline mode as well. It works a number of operating systems including Windows, Mac, Linux and a lot more to name. To download Kiwix you can visit the official website by clicking here.

Step 2.) Downloading .ZIM file of Wikipedia

After installing Kiwix the next step will be to download the complete Wikipedia ZIM file that includes all of the Wikipedia posts till a particular time as is mentioned on the .ZIM file. This .ZIM file is a format to store up the content of Wikipedia for offline access.

You can download the ZIM files for various dates as per required. There are ZIM files database for various time periods like for Jul-2011 or Sep-2012 etc. You can download the ZIM file as per required dates by visiting here. These files can also be downloaded in from their torrent versions as pedia offline

Step 3.) Reading the Wikipedia in Offline mode

Now when Wiki Reader Kiwix and ZIM file, both are downloaded then you are ready to read these wiki files in offline mode by following a simple process.pocketwikipediaw

1.) Open the Kiwix interface on your computer.

2.) Now click the open file option in Kiwix interface.

3.) After that Load the downloaded .ZIM file to upload all the Wikipedia data at one place. Then the KIWIX will seek your permission to index all the data for fast searching experience. So enable this option when Kiwix prompts you for the same.

After following these steps successfully you are totally ready to access Wikipedia content as and when you like to. There are some more WikiPedia readers that you can use in place of Kiwix as well like WikiTaxi, OkaWix, Pocket Wikipedia etc.

So next time you want to get an information, there will be no need to look for an internet connection as you will be able to browse through the Wikipedia articles even being offline from anywhere being a city or a lonely island.

I hope now you can download Wikipedia to read it while you are offline. This is a one time process and you can enjoy it for whole life. :)

Do you have any other way ? Let us know in comments below and we will be happy to hear from you. Thank you