BroadBand Versus 3G Data Cards

                           What to Do To Increase Your Internet Connection Speed – 5 things to do

Fast speed internet access which can also be called as broadband internet connection, is the current best internet connection method that can make user have better experience of the internet, but, in many cases, it occurred that this connection becomes slower due to some issues that relates to how the user uses the connection. So, in this article, I will be explaining to you ways you can use to make your internet connection work faster without wasting your time.

Avoid Heavy Content Websites

Any website that is full of media contents like heavy image, videos, .gif files and some other should be avoided by you if you are to enjoy the current pace of your internet connection. Make your connection faster as much as possible by avoiding any website that has any of the listed websites as this will help you get better internet experience.

Upgrade Your Computer RAM

The speed of your computer can also be the reason why your internet connection is not performing well as it supposes to. If you are still using a low memory on your computer, chances are that the rate at which your computer will produce results especially when it comes to accessing the net will make you hate it. Make your internet connection faster by increasing the current speed of your computer, improve your computer RAM and you will start to see the changes in your connection speed.

Browse At the Right Time

The time you browse the internet can be one of the factor that determines how you experience the internet in one sense. What I mean here is that, there are times when many people are surfing the internet and if you browse at that time, you will not be able to get the best of your connection. But if you can schedule you connectivity time to another time like early in the morning when everyone will be trying to get out of bed or when they’re already trying to go to their working places, you will enjoy the connection.

Delete Browser Cache

Caches are the record of stuffs that your browser and some website stored on your computer for future use and most times, this things affect how your browser responds, so that can make you have bad internet experience. So, avoid it as fast as possible. Delete your browser cache every time when you are done browsing.

Install Good Antivirus

On your computer, make sure that you have good security measure in place in case of the inevitable things you might not plan for. Malware can enter your computer at any time from the internet and starts to share your user details with its sender while using your internet connection bandwidth and also making it easier for you to lose your personal belongings to hackers. You have a lot to lose if malwares enter your computer unaware to you because it will destroy your computer and your data as well.

Reduce browser add-ons

Reducing browser addons is very easy in all browser. Though, each browser defer.

How would I remove browser addons?

If you want to remove browser addons, follow these steps:

For Mozilla Firefox:

Click on the Menu and then navigate to Add-ons. Open the add-ons and then remove every add-on that is not okay.

For Google Chrome:

From the spanner icon at the right side of the screen, choose “options” and then select “settings”. After that, select “Extensions.” Remove all extensions that you know cannot help your browser and close.

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