There are currently hundreds of millions of blogs onlinetoday, all with unique identity and visitors. The reality is that bloggers canonly succeed online if they have traffic and search engines have always been atop source of traffic to bloggers and webmasters all over the world.
   SEO is the processof optimizing your content to be ranked well in the search engines so as tohelp generate traffic and views to it. The problem is that there have been alot of misconceptions online about SEO, especially .
among bloggers and the mainaim of this article is to let you know that SEO isn’t as complicated as mostpeople make it to be. I’ll be sharing a few tips with you on how beginnerbloggers can improve their SEO.
Start With a GoodDesign
So much emphasis has been placed on on-page and off-page SEOtechniques that people fail to realize how important a good design is. A gooddesign isn’t just about having a fancy looking blog template but also abouthaving a design with clean code. No matter how great your content is or howmuch links you’re able to get towards improving your rankings, without theright blog design you will find it really difficult getting ranked well foryour desired keywords.
   A good design isfast, clean and fancy. In other words, you should have a design that makes yourcontent and other elements of your site look fancy to clients while at the sametime ensuring it is search engine friendly and can help your aim towardsgetting your site ranked well.
   There are a lot ofcool themes available online but some of the best ones are Genesis by Copyblogger Media and Thesis by If you alreadyhave a cool design and are not sure whether it will work or not you might wantto try the website validation tool providedby W3.
Learn the Art ofEffective Formatting
With the same resources, authority and backlinks, a sitethat is able to master effective formatting will always win over one that knowslittle to nothing about formatting articles for readers and search engines.Formatting your articles in a way that explains your points properly and iseasy to read by your readers is a good sign to the search engines that youreally care about your readers and take time to write each article.
   Most bloggers makethe mistake of not formatting their article or only using basic formatting, andthis always comes back to bite them. A major step to help you get better SEOresults is to learn to format effectively. Some basic formatting you can useare the heading tags (H1 – H3), the bold,italics and blockquotes and any othertag that helps lay emphasis on a particular point, especially one containingyour keyword.
Build Links, BuildLinks and Build Links
Links control the web, they always have and, most probably,they always will. The more links you’re able to get pointing towards a particularpage on your website with the right keywords the more likely you are to getbetter rankings for that page.
   In other words, tryto learn more about link building and work on gaining as much links as you canso as to improve your rankings.

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